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Our roots are in business litigation, including breach of contract disputes, complex commercial litigation, commercial real estate disputes, partnership disputes, business disputes, intellectual property litigation, business defamation and business torts, including tortious interference with contractual relations.  Kim Hill was an equity shareholder in a downtown Dallas law firm practicing construction litigation. Bob Hill was an owner and manager of Claxton & Hill, PLLC, which was formed in 1999 when he and a partner left the firm they started with from law school.

Originally founded in 2009 as HILL & HILL Attorneys and Counselors, PLLC our firm was formed to (1) help clients assess the most effective approach to the situation at hand, (2) help develop a plan for dealing with the situation, and (3) help to efficiently implement the agreed upon plan.   The goal was to create a small but qualified law firm that could respond to the litany of problems being faced by the people and small businesses who want a lawyer they can call on about any issue and get responsive, effective and efficient legal advice at a reasonable rate – a fair rate!
As residents of Plano, Bob and Kim both easily transitioned to life in a Plano, Texas law office.  While HILL & HILL still has clients and litigation in Dallas, HILL & HILL is a Collin County law firm located in Plano, Texas.

Better strategies
How do we get there from here? We focus our efforts and figure out where you want to be.
More opportunities
Where can progress be made? We look for good chances to progress to the goal.
Foundational principles
What is the next step? We build on the model for your success through efficient use of time, energy and resources.