Family Law

The first time in your life that you may need to seek legal counsel is when you are considering ending a marital relationship by divorce or have been served a divorce lawsuit by your spouse. In some instances, you and your spouse remain amicable and are able to work through the issues that are necessary to finalize the end result. In other instances, you may feel a wave of different emotions and need legal counsel to be your voice to protect your interests. In either scenario or in any other family law matter, our firm will listen to your situation to understand your needs and best determine how to navigate your family law matter through the courts or through the collaborative law process.

With over thirty years of combined litigation experience, the attorneys at  Hill | Perez P.C. will seek the best solution for your matter and handle family law cases involving the following:

Collaborative Law

Agreed/Uncontested Divorce

Contested Divorce

Enforcement of Court Orders

Custody/Parenting Plans/Child Support Modifications


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