Business Law

The litigation services offered by Hill | Perez P.C. are usually only available at larger law firms.  At Hill | Perez P.C., we have years of experience litigating complex matters in state and federal courts.

Our experience litigating includes matters in state and federal courts. We have handled numerous bench and jury trials, and we have done so efficiently!  We go to court for you and will be prepared for all that comes at you.  We will stand by your side and fight for the best outcome.

We will also counsel you and your executives/employees to determine preventive measures and minimize the risk of similar instances in the future. There is no substitute for careful contingency planning and upkeep.  Corporate governance, close review of contracts, and effective policies and procedures will help your company better manage and avoid litigation in the future.  Hill | Perez P.C. has the experience and attention to detail to plan and implement effective and efficient risk management at your company.

We have had success in litigating and defending these and other litigation matters:

– Failure to honor agreements/Breach of Contract – Deceptive Trade Practices Act Violations – Failure to deliver goods – Inadequate quality of goods – The value of business assets – Shareholder disputes and derivative litigation – Employment disputes – Trade secrets, confidential information and non-disclosure – Intellectual Property disputes – Construction disputes – Property tax disputes

Our litigation practice involves any aspect of business law, corporate law, or contract law.

In addition to affordability and convenience, at Hill | Perez P.C., an attorney handles each and every aspect of your case individually and thoroughly.


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