Contract Negotiation and Drafting

The key to avoiding most Business disputes is to anticipate them in the agreements.  Find yourself in a disagreement about the agreement, or do you need a simple contract drafted so that you will have all the rights and obligations clearly set forth in a legal document.   We will help you avoid unnecessary expense and uncertain outcomes, while protecting your interests and obtaining the best possible result for you.

Contact the law office of Hill | Perez P.C. at 469-241-9355 to determine your best course of action.  We have litigated and resolved breach of contract cases for 20 years.  We represent businesses in Dallas and Collin County in the full array of contract situations:

•             Contracts with customers and vendors for goods or services

•             Business-to-business disputes (vendors and suppliers)

•             Disputes regarding the sale or purchase of a business or assets (BUY/SELL AGREEMENTS, ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENTS)

•             Disputes regarding the sale of stock or ownership interest (STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENTS)

•             Disputes regarding Real estate transactions

•             Joint ventures and investor agreements

•             Disputes over lending agreements


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