Collaborative Law

Collaborative law was established in 2000 and is a process for willing participants, with the assistance of their attorneys, to craft equitable solutions for the dissolution of their marriage. In collaborative law, the parties voluntarily exchange information and actively participate in bringing the matter to a resolution. One of the advantages of collaborative law is that participants recognize the need for a continued working relationship if children are involved once the divorce is finalized. Another advantage is your attorney is working toward the end result, which is cost effective, instead of being involved in contentious pre-trial hearings, which can be cost ineffective.

As proponents of the collaborative law process, the attorneys at Hill | Perez P.C. are collaboratively law trained and ready to assist you in in deciding whether collaborative law is the right choice for you in the dissolution of your marriage. If you decide that collaborative law is not your best option, the attorneys at Hill | Perez P.C. are ready and prepared to move forward with your case in the courtroom. Speak with the attorneys at Hill | Perez  P.C. today for a consultation.

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