Collaborative Process

You now have an option to using the courtroom and traditional litigation to resolve your disputes. More and more of our clients are seeking mediation or collaboration to solve problems.  The monetary and emotional cost of litigation has many businesses and people with disputes using mediation or collaboration with a goal of mature and thoughtful settlement of the issues rather than the alternatives.

The collaborative process utilizes lawyers and other professionals trained in negotiations, as well as the legal issues you are facing.  The lawyers agree, and you agree, that the lawyers will only represent you for the purpose of helping you settle your dispute before it becomes a court case. The lawyers agree that they can never go to court for you, except to finalize or close the case. They will help you get the expertise you need to reach an agreement without having to endure the emotional cost and trauma of litigation. The goal here is to utilize all efforts towards reaching a lasting agreement between the parties without having the expense of litigation.
The Collaborative Process allows the parties involved to control of the outcome of their dispute before resorting to the courts to render an outcome.  When parties resort to the Courts to resolve their disputes they lose control and input in shaping the outcome. The Collaborative Process is about working together to come up with a solution with which all parties can be satisfied.

While all cases might not be suited for the Collaborative Process, Robert J. Hill has training in the Collaborative Process to resolve disputes and welcomes the opportunity to help you.

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