Commercial Motor Vehicles

Commercial Motor Vehicles

According to a 2013 Report from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas continually leads the nation in fatal crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. In 2011, commercial motor vehicle crashes represented 6.3 percent of all crashes in Texas, but also represented for 13.7 percent of all fatal crashes. In 2012, the Texas Department of Public Safety removed 81,773 unsafe commercial motor vehicles and 15,632 unsafe commercial motor vehicle drivers from the highway. Typically, crashes involving commercial motor vehicles are more likely to be catastrophic and fatal.

Common causes of commercial motor vehicle accidents include hiring employees with unsafe driving records, allowing unsafe vehicles on the road with poor maintenance records and inadequate inspections, travelling at excessive rates of speed, driving while distracted and driving while impaired. In addition, common catastrophic injuries associated with commercial motor vehicles include head trauma, severe disfigurement, quadriplegia, paraplegia and burns.

Imperative to commercial motor vehicle accident is a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident because the investigating officer may not have the requisite training or experience necessary to investigate the accident and determine fault. In addition, finding witnesses to the accident is necessary to get a complete picture of the potential cause of the accident and is essential to preserving evidence which may be used years later should your matter proceed to trial. You will need aggressive and experienced representation to assist you in your claim to maximize your recovery. Speak with the attorneys at Hill | Perez P.C. today for a free consultation.


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