Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals

According to a study from the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm Insurance, dog bites represent about one-third of payout dollars for homeowner liability claims. In 2012, insurers paid more than $489 million in claims. These claims include dog bites and other claims such as when a dog jumps and startles a person who falls and is injured. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 4.7 million dog bites occur each year.

When injured by a dog or other dangerous domestic animal you may have a strict liability cause of action which means that liability may be imposed for the harm you suffered without requiring proof of negligence. To establish a strict liability cause of action you must establish that the animal had abnormally dangerous propensities and that the owner or person in control of the animal knew or had reason to know that the animal had dangerous propensities abnormal to its class.

In addition, depending on your factual situation, you may have a negligence per se cause of action under the Texas Dangerous Dog Act if a dog makes an unprovoked attack on a person that causes bodily injury or commits unprovoked acts that cause a person to reasonably believe will attack and cause bodily injury. Also, depending on your factual situation, you may have a negligence per se cause of action if your city or county has a leash law that was violated that led to your injuries.

Dog bites can cause disfigurement and a change in your cosmetic appearance which can lead to feelings of embarrassment due to the nature and severity of any scarring.  If you have been injured by a domestic animal you will need aggressive and experienced representation to assist you in your claim to maximize your recovery. Speak with the attorneys at Hill | Perez, P.C. today for a free consultation.


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