Employment Law

The terms and provisions of employee contracts, severance packages and separation agreements vary depending on the position, the company and the industry.   Hill | Perez P.C. litigates employee contract suits, but the firm’s goal is to prevent litigation by addressing potential issues before you sign the agreement.

We will:

•    Explain and negotiate separation agreements and severance packages.
•    Analyze and review a non-disclosure and non-compete clauses or contracts.
•    Represent the employer or the employee at arbitration, mediation or in a court of law.
•  Handle wrongful termination lawsuits, including invasion of privacy, defamation (libel and slander) and harassment cases.

We also counsel employers on such matters as sexual harassment policies, general personnel and human resources counseling, hiring and firing decisions, employee handbooks and work rules. We have assisted employers a range of labor issues, including the Texas Wage and Hour Laws.

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