Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to a 2013 Report from the Texas Department of Public Safety, there are 15,966,095 licensed drivers in Texas, including 631,910 licensed teenage drivers. Preliminary data in 2012 indicated that there were 3,353 motor vehicle traffic fatalities and there were 3,015 deaths from motor vehicle crashes and $21.9 billion in economic losses.

Some of the more common causes of motor vehicle accidents are:

            Driver Inattention/Driving While Distracted

            Failure to Apply Brakes

            Failure to Keep a Proper Lookout

            Texting While Driving

            Driving While Impaired

            Improper Vehicle Maintenance

            Negligent Entrustment of a Motor Vehicle

The impact on an individual who has been injured by one or more of these causes of accidents or others can be short to long-term in nature and can take an emotional toll on the individual and his or her family, especially if the individual has long term medical treatment and expenses, the individual is unable work and the individual is unable to contribute to his or her family like he or she was able to pre-accident.

While no sum of money may return you to your physical form pre-accident, you will need legal representation to uncover all avenues of potential recovery and who will seek out all facts pertaining to your accident.

From minor to catastrophic injuries, the attorneys at Hill | Perez P.C. will seek fair and just compensation for your injuries and take an aggressive approach to bringing finality to your lawsuit through informal settlement negotiations, mediation and, if necessary, trial. Speak with the attorneys at Hill | Perez P.C. today for a free legal consultation.

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