Property Tax Representation

Ad Valorem taxation is a tax amount based on the value of the real estate or personal property being taxed. Property taxes generally are imposed annually and are determined by a county assessor’s appraisal of real property. Local officials then set tax rates and collect taxes in accordance with a process governed by state law.  Our focus is properties lying in the Dallas-Fort Worth taxing jurisdictions, as these appraisal districts have a history of raising values in cases where it is not justified which in turn raises the taxes.

As a property owner or a lessee, you have a right to disagree with or protest a valuation decision made by the appraisal district but you must follow strict procedures with jurisdictional deadlines. The lawyers at Hill | Perez P.C. have represented property owners in administrative protests and civil lawsuits and appeals regarding the values placed on property by appraisal districts in Texas for many years.

We represent real estate investors, business personal property owners, r-profit organizations and major corporations. Such clients own developed, undeveloped and agricultural land as well as commercial property, including office buildings, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, and industrial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Our firm will file a protest before the appraisal district, represent you before the appraisal review board and file a lawsuit seeking district court review when negotiations, protests and reviews have been exhausted.

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